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Department Research Seminars

Each department organises seminars throughout the year. They bring together NEOMA researchers and guests from the national and international academic community to discuss current issues in research. These discussions stimulate our faculty’s research and encourage collaboration with the external guests through the sharing of expertise.


Finance research seminars

NEOMA BS Finance research seminar series is the research seminar organised by the finance department and is open to all. This seminar covers all finance-related research field and takes place once a month interval. Each session is composed of two research talks (1 hour each): one given by an invited researcher and the other by a faculty member.

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In 2022, NEOMA organised its inaugural Sustainable Finance conference. Coorganised by the Finance department and the sub-area Finance for Good of The World WeWant Area of Excellence, the Conference aimed to share the state-of-the-art in the understanding of sustainable finance.

In 2019, NEOMA hosted the 5th edition of the inter-business schools finance seminar on Reims campus. The seminar aims to bring together finance researchers from several business schools in France.

In 2018, NEOMA Department of Finance organised its first workshop on FinTech and Cryptofinance in Paris, France. In addition to leading academic sessions, the workshop also hosted a practitioner-related round-table to explore the latest technological innovations and solutions across the financial services sector, in the context of Digital transformation acceleration.


Accounting, Control and Legal affairs research seminars

ACL research seminar series are organised by the Accounting, Control and Legal affairs department and open to all. This seminar takes place once a month during 1 hour.

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Strategy and Entrepreneurship research seminars

Organised by NEOMA Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department, the Seminar Series aims to generate intellectual insights by interacting with top scholars in the field. It takes place monthly, for 2 hours.

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People and Organisations research seminars

NEOMA P&O department has developed a plan for a series of collective activities oriented to strengthen its research production. Their seminars’ goal is to have a workshop format rather than paper presentations. As one part of these workshops, they regularly invite external speakers to give a talk on their research projects. It takes place once a month and lasts either half-day or the whole day.

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Information Systems, Supply Chain & Decision Making

Distinguished Speakers Series

The idea from the start is to balance internal speakers, for learning what our colleagues are doing, with external talks where we keep bringing good and fresh discussions from outside.

Technicality, although important, will not be the only focus. Most of the talks will have a strong focus on managerial implications and policy making impact.

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Marketing research seminars

NEOMA BS Marketing research seminar series is organised by the marketing department and is open to all. This seminar covers all marketing-related research field.

It takes place on every first Thursday (between 2:30pm and 4:30 pm) of a month.

Each session is composed of two research talks (1 hour per each): one of external invited researcher and the other of internal faculty member.

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