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Regional, national and international support

Through the applied research projects it has conducted since 2007, MOBIS has established itself among public institutions (EU, OECD, French government departments, Normandie Region, etc.) and international firms (Bureau Veritas, Ceva Logistics, Mazda, CHU, etc.).

The Institute also works with regional players in global supply chains (the ports of Le Havre, Rouen, Paris, etc.), with its innovative and sustainable approach leveraging the socio-economics of transport and logistics. MOBIS also helps actors and organisations to provide added value by developing and implementing performance drivers and by optimising their logistics.

Ambitious, impactful projects

MOBIS has also brought together multidisciplinary public research bodies (INSA Rouen and IDIT) on logistics topics, including international joint research projects (RISC and FASE) and the CLASSE 2 projects, which are funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The purpose of the RISC project is to analyse logistics as a focus for economic development in the Paris-Seine-Normandy corridor. As part of the FASE project, MOBIS is developing an international think-tank that will enable NEOMA BS to demonstrate its confirmed corporate focus and to forge new partnerships.

An accelerator dedicated to Mobility Based in Rouen, NEOMA Mobility Accelerator supports start-ups operating in the areas of logistics, supply chain management and transport. In aims to treat the issues of mobility in their entirety: focus on infrastructure (port and ground transport and logistics); superstructures (gantry automation, autonomous loading cranes, robotisation); mobile equipment (connected lorry convoys, self-driving vehicles); dervices (new business models, 3D printers, block-chain, AI, etc.).