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Smart Products & Consumption Research Institute (SPOC)

From connected homes and companion robots to e-health bracelets, intelligent fabric and simple smartphones, smart products are all around us, using the intelligence designed into them to make decisions, act and communicate independently.

This unprecedented transformation of objects into intelligent devices has brought about social and economic changes and creates a challenge for all businesses, including and possibly most of all, non-technology based businesses. Added to that, marketing directors and executives have few tools in their possession to understand these changes.
The aim of the Smart Products & Consumption Institute is to develop the useful analysis grids for this field to help meet the challenges posed by the smart products.

The SPoC Institute’s knowledge of these products is shared with all of the concerned parties and more specifically with the marketing directors at technology and non-technology businesses, business management students and researchers interested in the technological context of the findings.

The Smart Products & Consumption Institute is supported by the Grand Est region and receives funding from the European Union.

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