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5 th rank

2022 Le Point Magazine Post-Baccalaureate Programmes Ranking

1 st rank 2022 for internationalisation criteria

6 th rank

2022 “l’Etudiant” Magazine Rankings for Post-Baccalaureate Programmes


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Two degrees of distinction for double the opportunities

Are you excited by the idea of spending a considerable period of time abroad? Are you interested in international issues, both geopolitical and economic? Would you like to work in multicultural environments and embark upon an international career path? In that case, the CESEM will meet your expectations.

With its three international tracks (Europe, the Americas, Asia), the CESEM enables you to spend two years in France and two whole years abroad, thus obtaining two degrees, one French and the other an international BBA-type degree!

Our all-round training for future managers offers you an authentic immersive experience in a multicultural context, which will facilitate your professional mobility towards other countries and other cultures. If you enjoy a challenge, you can stand out and become a dynamic, open-minded and inquiring leader, with a high-level ability to adapt.

5 good reasons to choose CESEM programme

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    100% international double degree: all students are awarded 2 Bachelor degrees from recognised Business Schools

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    A multicultural environment with 3 international tracks: the Americas, Asia and Europe

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    Bilingual English-French or trilingual teaching according to the chosen track

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    You will gain an understanding of contemporary geopolitical issuescenter>

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    2 long-term internships, at least one of them abroad: employability rate almost 100%


From September 2021, students opting for the Asia track of the CESEM will study on the brand new campus of NEOMA Business School in Paris!

Press release

CESEM keeps improving! Discover the latest announcements on the course.

Frédéric Beaumont

Director of CESEM

“With CESEM, you will develop your understanding of geopolitical issues, appreciate their cultural impact, become fluent in at least one foreign language, and acquire the key skills needed in international management professions.”

Curriculum: the 4-year CESEM

The CESEM programme has a logical, progressive structure, enabling you to develop a solid base of managerial skills within a distinctly international perspective. At each stage, you will also put your learning into practice within a business internship.

During your first two years in France at NEOMA BS you will learn to:

  • Identify opportunities and geopolitical risks related to international development
  • Understand marketing and commercial strategies
  • Understand business performance measures

Then, during the last two years spent abroad, you will learn to:

  • Define and implement a global strategy for marketing & commerce, finance or human resources,
  • Lead and motivate teams while carrying out innovative projects,
  • Understand and manage legal, economic, geopolitical and environmental risks,
  • Define professional expectations in terms of information systems, digitisation, and organisational transformation


Throughout the course, you will be able to incrementally enhance your career path via:

  • Basic courses at the management school (intercultural management, marketing, accounting, finance, strategy, and so on) taught to the highest international standards within double degree agreements.
  • An understanding of contemporary international issues: the digitisation of the economy, demographic and climate issues, and geopolitical evolutions are all factors that radically transform businesses and which our students will come to appreciate on their course.
  • Long internships: to apply your learning and immerse yourself in the professional world.
  • Multiple possibilities for specialisation: thanks to the varied offer from its various academic partners, the CESEM can offer you a very large number of specialisations at the end of the course (Big Data, International Development, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and more).
  • Learning languages: you will be taught in French and English but also in German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese or Russian as soon as you are with our academic partners. Together with the students of the country and a multitude of international students, you will learn and develop your language skills and live in a multicultural environment that will also enhance your understanding of cultural differences.
  • For those who so wish, a regal route to a career in China: thanks to the Institut Confucius for Business at NEOMA and its partnership with the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing, you will have the benefit of a solid basis for forging a career in China. This is done over 5 years: the first two years at NEOMA BS where you will take Chinese lessons, then you spend a gap year in China to continue learning Chinese (does not apply to students attaining HSK5 in France). You will then be fully trilingual to complete your course with our Chinese partner.

Download the brochure for full course details:


Skill sets

During your four years in the programme, we will help you develop the necessary skills so you can quickly find your first job and ensure your employability over your entire career.

You will know how to:

  • Identify added-value creation opportunities in France and abroad as well as the associated risks and provide development proposals
  • Implement an action plan that includes multicultural, digital and sustainable aspects
  • Lead a multicultural team to carry out an action plan

Evaluation procedures

The programme is recognised through a dual validation:

  • Ongoing assessment: evaluations conducted throughout the length of the programme in the form of individual or collective reports to be submitted,
  • A final evaluation: performed at the end of the course, it can be done under different forms – it is, for the most part, individual

At the end of the programme and after a validation of 60 ECTS credits per programme year, the level-6 CESEM degree is awarded to participants.

If some modules were not validated and thus no credits were earned, the programme participant can redo the evaluation during a period set up for this purpose.

2 business immersion internships

CESEM allows you to bring added value to your CV thanks to two long-term internships (one semester each), undertaken during the course at least one of which is done abroad:

  • Between the 1st and 2nd year: a 6-month operational internship in France or abroad,
  • During your last two years: a 6-month (*) responsibility internship in the country or area of your second degree qualification.

You may also do additional internships in France and abroad in order to broaden your professional experience. These multiple experiences allow you to enhance your skills and develop your ability to adapt while constructing and refining your career trajectory.

You are supported in your search for internships by the counsellors of the Talent & Career Unit.

Major involvement from companies

Businesses are heavily involved throughout the course, both in classes and activities (projects, talks, ongoing involvement, internships etc.) and in events organised by the School (Business forums, job days and career advice, etc.).

The programme directors rely on businesses to offer a course that will always be in line with their needs.

(*) the most common duration, done as 1 or 2 internships.

International experience at the heart of CESEM’s DNA

To offer you a unique experience abroad, the programme relies on its network of excellent international partners, enabling you to study in France for 2 years and then spend 2 years with one of our partners which you have previously selected, thus obtaining a double degree!

At the end of your curriculum you will have earned a Bachelor in International Business Management from NEOMA Business School in addition to a second degree from the chosen academic partner, as well as be able to work in two to three different languages.

Three substantial international tracks: 3 areas, 13 countries, 23 partners

The international partners of the CESEM enjoy an excellent reputation, both academically and professionally. 91% of them are accredited.

Americas Track


NC STATE Poole College of Management , North Carolina (USA)



Start: 3rd year – Teaching language: English
American-style campus with student sport and community life, in the top 100 universities of the United States.

Knauss School of Business, University of San Diego (USA)



Start: 3rd year – Teaching language: English
Reputed for the quality of its campus life, the students enjoy a top-quality academic environment.

The School of Business, State University of New York Oswego, New York State (USA)



Start: 3rd year – Teaching language: English

Martha & Spencer Love School of Business, Elon University, North Carolina, (USA)



Start: 3rd year – Teaching language: English
Recognised for its teaching focussed on small group work in an exceptional setting.


Concordia University, Montreal– Quebec (Canada)



Start: 3rd year – Teaching language: English

Goodman School of Business, Brock University, Ontario (Canada)



Start: 3rd year – Teaching language: English
Strong business culture and very multicultural.

Carleton University, Ottawa city – Ontario (Canada)



Start: 3rd year – Teaching language: English

Many specialisations are possible at this renowned university located in the Canadian capital.

Université Laval, Quebec– Quebec (Canada)



Start: 3rd year – Teaching language: English/French


FGV EAESP , Sao Paulo (Brazil)



Start: 3rd year – Teaching language: English with the possibility of following classes in Portuguese and Spanish.
Beginners in Portuguese accepted.
This prestigious partner enjoys a very good international reputation.


UDLAP , Puebla (Mexico)



Start: 3rd year – Teaching language: English and Spanish
The leading private university in Mexico, offering a degree recognised in the United States.

Asian Track


University of International Business and Economics, Pekin (China)



Start: 3rd year – Langue d’enseignement : Chinese and English
Beginners in Chinese accepted
Triple accredited, this university offers a high-performing programme to learn Chinese and awards a solid management degree.

Hong Kong Baptist, Hong Kong (China)



Start: 3rd year – Teaching language: Chinese and English
Beginners in Chinese accepted

National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan (China)



Start: 3rd year – Teaching languages: Chinese and English
You will be able to choose between two Bachelor degrees: Marketing or Business Administration.
Students who will go to this partner must have reached a level of HSK5 – 180 points. This level can be reached in 2 years in France for non-beginner students.


Nagoya University of Commerce & Business, Nagoya (Japan)



Start: 3rd year – Teaching languages: English (and Japanese for more advanced students)
Beginners in Japanese accepted
Programme with a strong focus on service marketing.

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Beppu (Japan)



Start: 2nd year – Teaching languages: English (and Japanese for more advanced students)
Beginners in Japanese accepted
The ideal partner for developing an excellent level of Japanese even if you are a beginner.

European Track

United Kingdom

Lancaster University Management School, Lancaster (United Kingdom)



Start: 3rd year – Teaching language: English
Now one of the most dynamic British universities.


ESB, Reutlingen (Allemagne)



Starts: 1st and 3rd year – Teaching languages: German and English
Franco-German pathway accredited by the FGU
Programme ranked top of its category in Germany.


Dublin City University, Dublin (Irland)



Start: 1st and 3rd year – Teaching language: English
Its enterprise philosophy enjoys an excellent reputation.


RANEPA- Institute of Business Studies, Moscou (Russia)



Start: 1st and 3rd year – Teaching language: English
Beginners in Russian accepted (recruitment suspended for the 2022 school year)
The only real double degree in Russia. Get one step ahead!


Avans Hogeschool, Breda (Netherlands)



Start: 3rd year – Teaching language: English
Teaching by projects. 100% Learning by doing.


Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Piacenza (Italy)


Start: 3rd year – Teaching languages: Italian and English
Beginners in Italian accepted
The first leading private university in Italy.


Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICAI-ICADE, Madrid (Spain)


Start: 1st or 3rd year – Teaching languages: Spanish and English
Very strong reputation in Spain, ensuring excellent employability

The CESEM degree an accelerator for your professional career

What are the qualities of CESEM graduates? Their agility, easy adaptability, ability to manage multicultural teams, convey ideas, work with others and, of course, their developed sense of international mobility. All qualities that will be useful in your future career or for further studies.

Continuing studies

  • 45% of CESEM graduates continue their studies to obtain a 5-year Bachelor’s degree

As a graduate, you can undertake university Masters degrees, Masters of Science or Specialised Masters at Business or Engineering Schools, as well as Masters in Management at the best institutions in France and abroad:

  • Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Copenhagen Business School, London School of Economics, SDA Bocconi, Warwick Business School, IE Madrid, University of St Gallen, and more
  • In France: ESSEC, ESCP Europe and CentraleSupélec.

Further study for one of the full-time MSc courses at NEOMA is guaranteed to CESEM graduates (provided they have the level of English required by the programme and after a validation and counselling interview with the given director of the MSc). In this way, you can become a Master of Science!

Entering the professional world

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    75% of graduates choose to start their career abroad.

  • msstrength-icon

    95% of students find a job within 6 months.

  • msstrength-icon

    The average starting salary is €38k – €42k€.


    (Source: 2020 Graduate survey)

Target professions

Once you graduate, you can work in a wide variety of fields:

  • Finance / Auditing: management control, auditor, portfolio manager, financial analyst
  • Marketing / Communication: product manager, communications officer
  • Commercial: area manager, account manager, sales consultant, project manager, sales manager
  • Purchasing and logistics: operations manager, logistics manager, supply chain manager
  • Information systems / new technologies: consultant, business manager, project manager

A few examples of companies that recruit our graduates

BNP Paribas – Deloitte Dublin – Google – Groupe Crédit Agricole – JP Morgan Chase – L’Oréal – Microsoft – Möet & Chandon – Nestlé – Nielsen – OTIS – PwC Luxembourg – Safran –Unilever – etc.

Results indicators


Satisfaction Rating (out of 5) 


Average job search time


Insertion rate at 6 months 


Graduation rate


2019-2020 data

Admission procedures

Admission procedures depend on where your last qualification is from.

Holders of a French diploma

You can join the CESEM at NEOMA after the Baccalaureate exam through Parcoursup.

Profile : The CESEM is intended for students who will earn a Baccalaureate diploma in France or in a French institution abroad and students enrolled in a first cycle of French higher education who want to change academic direction.

Selection : Concours SESAME entrance exam

Once your “Concours SESAME entrance exam/CESEM” choices are confirmed on Parcoursup, you need to sit for the SESAME entrance exam, an exam shared by 14 business and international management schools.

    1. 13 April 2022: 4 written exams done remotely from your home in multiple-choice format.
      Learn more about the 2022 SESAME exam schedule
      Learn more about how to sit for the written exams SESAME 2022 SESAME exam rules

    2. End of April – mid-May 2022: If you earn sufficient marks on the written exams and on the Parcoursup dossier, you will be invited to the oral exams whose content and format change from one school to another: individual interview, interview in a specific language. Learn more about the exam- and programme-based coefficients
    3. End of May – start of June 2022: Once you’ve passed all of the exams, you can consult your exam results on Parcoursup then on mySESAME. Learn more about the admissions results
    4. 2nd June – 15th June 2022: I choose my programme and I enter my school. Learn more about the procedures that needed to be followed

How to apply to CESEM, European and American tracks?

All you have to do is select the programme and the track on Parcoursup.

In order to validate your application, a payment of 50€ must be made on the mySESAME web site at the following address: https://mysesame.concours-sesame.net/phasecomplementaire

The proof of payment provided must then be deposited on Parcoursup. This payment is unique, regardless of the number of courses or schools of the SESAME bank to which you apply during the complementary phase.

Assessment methods :

Candidates in the complementary phase do not take any written or oral tests. Only the elements of your Parcoursup file are taken into account and will be the subject of an in-depth analysis by the CESEM management team. No additional documents will be accepted.

In order to limit the wait, applicants will receive a response within 2 working days of submitting their application.

CHOICES ON PARCOURSUP: how to give yourself the very best chance

Admission decisions are made by track. So, when you indicate your choices on Parcoursup, we strongly recommend you select all the pathways available as subsidiary choices (Europe, the Americas and Asia), as there is no limit to the number of subsidiary choices you can make for the Concours SESAME entrance competition. You will therefore give yourself 3 chances of being accepted onto the CESEM.

Holders of an international diploma

Profile : holders of an international diploma of an equivalent level to the French baccalaureate, IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.

Selection: dossier and interviews (motivation + English).

For more information, contact our international team:

Min WU

South East Asia

International Promotion and Admissions Manager

+33 2 32 82 17 76 LinkedIn Make an appointment

Mariceli BLIN

Africa & Middle East

International Promotion and Admissions Manager

+ 33 2 32 82 58 55 LinkedIn Make an appointment

Xiaotong POIRREE

Eastern Europe & Central Asia

International Promotion and Admissions Manager

+33 2 32 82 17 40 LinkedIn Make an appointment

Anya Angélica CÁRDENAS

Latin America


For candidates with a French qualification

03 26 77 56 76 LinkedIn images Make an appointment

Rodolphe MOREAU

Paris campus

For candidates with a French qualification

+33 (0)1 73 06 98 24 Make an appointment


Western Europe, USA & Canada

International Promotion and Admissions Manager

(+33) 3 26 77 88 60 images Make an appointment

Key figures

  • 99% Hiring rate within six months

  • 80% Begin their career abroad

  • 2 semester-long internships (France & International)

Practical information

  • Format:

    Full time

  • Duration:

    4 years

  • Tuition fees:

    10 800€ per year (except for the Americas’ track: 13 300€ in the 3rd and 4th years)

  • Campus:

    Paris, Partner's university, Reims

  • Teaching language:

    English / French / Language of the academic partner

  • Course start date:

    September 2022

  • Entry level:

    1st year programme admission: via the Concours SESAME

  • Degree awarded:

    Bachelor Degree in International Business Management (4-year Bachelor Degree) / Level 6 qualification on the RNCP (French Register of Professional Certifications) / RNCP sheet No. 36437, CESEM

Contact us

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5 th rank

2022 Le Point Magazine Post-Baccalaureate Programmes Ranking

1 st rank 2022 for internationalisation criteria
6 th rank

2022 “l’Etudiant” Magazine Rankings for Post-Baccalaureate Programmes


Practical information

  • Practical information
    • Format:

      Full time

    • Duration:

      4 years

    • Tuition fees:


    • Campus:

      Paris, Partner's university, Reims

    • Teaching language:

      English / French / Language of the academic partner

    • Course start date:

      September 2022

    • Entry level:

      1st year programme admission: via the Concours SESAME

    • Degree awarded:

      Bachelor Degree in International Business Management (4-year Bachelor Degree) / Level 6 qualification on the RNCP (French Register of Professional Certifications) / RNCP sheet No. 36437, CESEM