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Intao (Enedis) – How to support a public service organisation towards greater agility



A team of NEOMA researchers have worked on how to promote and support the agility of public service organisations, within the framework of a project financed by the Great Est region in France, and in partnership with Enedis Champagne-Ardenne.

Like many French companies, Enedis is facing major technological transformations that can be seen in upheavals affecting systems, structures, and working practices. Leveraging an action-research approach, and working in close collaboration with internal teams at Enedis, NEOMA researchers were able to identify ways of helping to improve long-term reactivity and agility, without of course compromising the essential aspects of safety, accuracy, rigorous planning, and respect for social agreements. This approach has led to the launch of three integrated transformation programmes intended to boost the organisation’s agility.

This project is a great example of 360° collaboration, with research, practice, and teaching outcomes. This action-research that involved an 18-month interaction between faculty members and managers at Enedis resulted in a consulting report for the company, Executive Education seminars, several papers in conferences (e.g. EGOS Colloquium and Academy of Management Annual Meeting), a new course, and an Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) case study.