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Faculty & Research

Areas of Excellence: a 360° expertise for an impactful Research

    Our goals

    The main goals of the Areas of Excellence

    • Promote cross-fertilization of ideas via multidisciplinary research, while allowing disciplinary identity
    • Motivate and develop faculty and put research at the centre of the School
    • Develop high-quality, impactful research, focusing on academic excellence as well as business and societal relevance
    • Make research more impactful and visible for all stakeholders (e.g., academics, students, firms, institutions, media)

    Research Chairs and Institutes originate from a collaboration between NEOMA and external stakeholders. They are funded by institutional partners, public research bodies, and/or firms.

    Their purpose is to provide concrete insights and solutions on a specific topic, directly related to the partners’ challenges. They are integrated in NEOMA’s Areas of Excellence.