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Thematics :

Le Figaro has published today its ranking of Bachelors and BBAs in French business schools. NEOMA ranks 4th overall.

NEOMA has performed very well, with a ranking of #4 overall and #3 among four-year BBAs.  

The academic excellence and internationalisation of NEOMA are among our strengths in this ranking.

This is a new ranking, which demonstrates the growing attention for three- and four-year undergraduate programmes in France.

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Classement des bachelors et BBA d’écoles de commerce : le palmarès 2023


Associated programme

Global BBA – Bachelor in Business Administration

This bachelor's programme will give you a complete overview of the skills you need so that you can play a key role in an organisation or company, be it public or private, in France or abroad.

  • Full time
  • 4 years
  • Paris (1st year), Reims, Rouen