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The prize awarded by the prestigious American organisation that places innovation at the heart of its accreditation process acknowledges NEOMA's place amongst the world's top 25 institutions in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.The School, only award-winning French institution, stood out with its "Entrepreneurs Without Borders" program.

NEOMA was presented with an award in the "Innovations That Inspire" challenge organised by AACSB. This global competition acknowledges the initiatives put forward by business schools that enhance the management training sector. This year's theme, entitled "Catalysts of Innovation", focused on innovative entrepreneurship schemes.

"The call for innovation has mobilised a high number of international experts from a wide range of disciplines and yet the demand has never been higher, especially during this unprecedented period," says Thomas R. Robinson, AACSB President and CEO. "As such, it is an honour to reward NEOMA and its initiative in launching the first international incubator network. This unique initiative will play an important role in promoting entrepreneurship around the world."

Held for a 5th consecutive year, this competition has seen more than 120 schools take part since its creation and has featured almost 1000 innovations referenced for their prospective approach to education and their contribution to enhancing the quality of higher education around the world.

Recognition for the launch of the first international entrepreneurial ecosystem

NEOMA has therefore gained acknowledgement for its new "Entrepreneurs Across Borders" initiative. In line with a long-standing commitment to establishing a network of prestigious partner universities around the world, the School is now launching the first international incubator network. A unique opportunity for students to join a partner university's incubator and follow a semester of courses related to business creation. Set up across four continents, this network currently includes 10 institutions renowned for their expertise in entrepreneurship and is set for further expansion.

"This unique approach reinvents the international student experience by making it an integral part of a student's personal project that includes setting up an international start-up. It also remains firmly in line with the School's conviction that an exchange period abroad is always more powerful when the students are immersed in the country's best universities," explains Delphine Manceau, Dean, NEOMA BS. "To realise this ambition, we are delighted to include a number of partners renowned throughout the world for their expertise in entrepreneurship, such as UC Berkeley in the United States, Deakin University in Australia, the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) in Brazil and IIM Calcutta in India."