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Thematics :

Emile Tith, a CESEM student at NEOMA on a gap year, has a great love for cinema. He has already made two feature-length films, two short films and a web series, and he was selected by the 2023 Nikon Film Festival to enter his film ‘Samedi 14’ into competition. The jury, presided over by actor Alexandre Astier, will announce its winning selections on 21 April at 7 pm.

The theme of this year’s festival, 13, alludes to either misfortune or the Paris attacks on 13 November 2015. The student chose to focus on the latter. ‘My short film can be a bit unsettling’, he said on the NEOMA Alumni website. ‘There’s no dialogue or sound. It shows a Paris that is, for the first time, very calm. I hope that I can do justice to those who lived through that event without bringing back too many bad memories’.

Since 2011, the Nikon Film Festival has encouraged videomaking and new emerging talent. As part of the festival, it asks selected participants to make one or more 2:20 short films based on a set theme. It is an ideal format for web streaming and viewing.