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On 9 and 30 September, nearly 850 international students were welcomed to NEOMA three campuses, Reims, Rouen and Paris. Here’s a look back at these two days designed to help new students settle in.

A special virtual welcomed by Delphine Manceau, Dean

A packed programme combining practical information and fun activities

To help students find their feet at our School, the Hub teams presented the services they offer (student cards, student schedules, etc.), the administrative procedures specific to international students (visa validation, social security affiliation, CAF) and information about their health (how to see a doctor, etc.).

Following lunch and a tour of the campus, our students were able to take part in a range of activities organised by Culture Co and the BDI, two of the school’s student organisations. There was something for everyone, from food and drink to sports and the arts. And the Parisian students even had the chance to discover their new city thanks to a trip on a Seine river boat.

These International Welcome Days are a great opportunity to meet new people and forge the first links that are vital to ensuring that our new students settle in smoothly,” explains Karolina Burka, Head of the Hub on the Rouen campus and responsible for welcoming international students to the three campuses.