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Volleyball, handball, basketball, rugby, track and field… All kinds of sports are possible at NEOMA. Students at our School manage to combine their studies with physical activity. And this year, more than ever, our student teams excelled in the various tournaments.  Here’s a look at some of the highlights.

1. Reims wins the Sports Trophy at the ECRICOME Challenge

The ECRICOME Challenge, which brings together students from France’s grandes écoles, was held in Rouen at the end of March. NEOMA students from the Reims campus were awarded the Sports Trophy. The Morues women’s handball team, the Jagpelup cheerleading team and the Shags women’s volleyball team each won gold medals in their respective disciplines.



2. Rouen rugby teams crush their opponents

Les Raph’ales, the women’s rugby team from the Rouen campus, topped the podium twice in 2024, at the Tournoi Grand Ouest and at the ECRICOME Challenge. The men’s team, Les Dents de la Terre, won the Coupe de France des Ecoles de Commerce.




3. NEOMA men’s and women’s football teams make the podium

This year, the women’s footballers from Rouen, the BAF, were crowned champions of the Derby and the Grand Ouest Tournament. The men’s team, Les Braqueurs, became Rouen’s inter-school champions. Les Chatbuts, the women’s team from Reims, came second in the Tournoi Grand Est, as well as in the Challenge ECRICOME. The Jacquots came 3rd in the same competition.


NEOMA Football Rouen

What are the major sports tournaments of the academic year? 


  • Grand Ouest Tournament (Rouen)
  • Grand Est Tournament (Reims)
  • Coupe de France des Ecoles supérieurs de commerce (French Business Schools Cup)
  • ECRICOME Challenge (schools in the ECRICOME test bank)
  • Saint Gobain Football Club at Clairefontaine 
  • Sports derby between Reims and Rouen