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PhD, Management

Gaël Bonnin is Research Director, Professor of Marketing at NEOMA BS. His research areas are product and place design, adoption of technology products and narrative approaches of market construction. Gaël Bonnin's research have been published in journals or conferences as Recherches et Applications en Marketing, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Advances in Consumer Research, European Marketing Academy Conference. He teaches UX-Design, innovation and qualitative methods at the graduate level, in PhD and DBA. At the executive level, he taught marketing & innovation in e-mba and, for several years, to top executives in one of the biggest retail chain in France. Finally, he coordinated or participated in several funded research project, at the regional or european level, on topics as companion robots for seniors, use of agricultural robots or the use of augmented reality on tourist sites.
The results of Gaël Bonnin’s research have appeared in several academic publications such as Recherches et Applications en Marketing, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Advances in Consumer Research, and European Marketing Academy Conference.
He teaches in initial training, continuing education and research education (DBA, PhD) programmes on the subjects of Technology and Innovation Marketing, Design, Qualitative Studies (Ethnography, Videography).

Areas of research

  • Role of narratives in technology markets
  • Appropriation of technologies
  • Design impact on consumers

Participation at an academic or professional conference

  • SUQUET, J.-B., A. ROUQUET, G. BONNIN, E. GRENIER, "Rapport rédigé pour la Direction du Développement économique, Commerce et Enseignement supérieur du Grand Reims", 2022
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