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PhD, Business Administration

Amy SONG is professor in marketing. Her primary research interest lies in empirically modeling consumer’s choice and the effects of marketers’ strategic decisions, especially in digital marketing contexts with large-scale data. She is also interested in examining the marketing impacts on social well-beings. Her works have appeared or are forthcoming in prestigious journals including Journal of Marketing, Manufacturing & Service Operations ManagementJournal of Business Ethics, Decision Support Systems, among others. She has served as a business consultant for quite a few leading companies across industries.

Areas of research

  • Empirical Modeling
  • Digital marketing
  • Data-based consumer insights
  • Marketing impacts on social well-beings

Participation at an academic or professional conference

  • WU, X., J.GONG, B.GREENWOODS, A.SONG, "No Longer Riding Dirty: The Effect of Electronic Vehicle Subsidies on Automobile Markets" in 9th IMS-FIPS Workshop, 2019, Shanghai, China
  • ZHANG, L., A.SONG, L.MA, "Organizational Influence in Online Vocational Learning" in INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, 2019, Rome, Italy
  • SONG, A., "Organizational Influence in Online Vocational Learning" in JM-Tsinghua Research Development Workshop and a JM-Tsinghua Research Symposium, April, 2019, Beijing, China
  • LI, Y., Y.-L.TSAI, A.SONG, "Cross-Device Shopping: How Do Consumers Search on Fixed vs. Mobile Device?" in 40th INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, 2018, Philadelphia, United States
  • SONG, A., "Feeling Cared, Digitally: The Effect of Family Connectedness on Seniors’ Mobile Platform Engagement" in 40th INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, 2018, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
  • SONG, A., "Customer Acquisition via Big Data Analysis", Shanghai DuduDriver Information Technology Co., Ltd., 2018
  • SONG, A., "Big Data Analysis in Maternal and Baby Industry and Health Industry: The Association between Attitude and Behavior based on Multi-source Big Data", Shanghai MarcPoint Information Technology Co., Ltd., 2018
  • SONG, A., "Analysis on Professional Marketing: For Zeiss SMILE Market", Carl Zeiss (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., 2017
  • GONG, J., B.GREENWOODS, A.SONG, "Uber Might Buy Me a Mercedes Benz: An Empirical Investigation of Ridesharing Platforms and Vehicle Purchase" in Winter Conference on Business Analytics, 2017, Utah, United States
  • SONG, A., "Yoga Market in China", Shanghai Fanzhi Cultural Development Co., Ltd., 2017