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Global Executive MBA

The NEOMA Global Executive MBA is a world-class transformational journey for high potentials who want to be inspiring leaders and make a societal impact in a digital era. Maximum flexibility, International Learning Experiences and a strong focus on CSR make this Global EMBA a programme like no other.

  • Paris, Reims, Rouen, Shanghai, Teheran

  • 15 months in part-time schedule

  • English

  • Three-year Bachelor’s or higher, five years of professional experience

  • Part time: four days per month with three being business days

  • Master of Business Administration/Level-7 RNCP certification/ RNCP file No. 34681, Executive Manager

Objectif Manager

A springboard into management positions, this training allows you to acquire an overall view of how a business operates, while maintaining professional activity

  • Reims, Rouen

  • 10 months

  • French

    • 2 years of higher education plus 3 years of professional experience

    • Special dispensation: possible admission for applicants without a two-year higher education degree

  • 3 days per months

  • Level-6 RNCP registered certification/ RNCP file No. 34634 “Business Unit Management and Development Manager”

Procedure for validation of acquired experience (VAE)

Obtain recognition for your professional experience and develop your career prospects by obtaining a recognised degree

  • 12 months

  • At least one year’s experience directly related to the chosen qualification.

  • 18 hours of support

  • VAE can be applied to all of our RNCP certifications.

Retail Operations Manager – ECAL

Study retail and work in a dynamic and motivating sector that has constant recruitment needs in upper management! Comes with a vocational training contract. Developed in partnership with the CORA supermarket group. Degree certified Level III, CNCP registered.

  • Paris, Reims, Rouen

  • 9 months

  • French

  • Baccalaureate plus professional experience or two years of higher education

  • Part time

  • Level-6 RNCP certification/ RNCP file No. 19369: Retail Operations Manager

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