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Valérie Stival takes over as Head of Transformation at Xerox France

Currently NEOMA BS EMBA student, Valérie Stival has been appointed the new General Manager of Transformation at Xerox France. There is one main objective behind her appointment: the strengthening of key accounts and indirect business. Interview.

Appointed on April 1, Valérie Stival officially took up her new position on July 1. Previously General Manager of Business Indirect, the NEOMA BS EMBA graduate (class of 2017 - 2019) is now in charge of transformation at XEROX France, heading a business support team of 70 people. "In concrete terms, my position has 3 principal functions: firstly, to change the company's culture and instil a real start-up spirit. Secondly, to improve customer experience through new processes that put customers at the heart of all final decisions. Finally, to create new recurring business through initiatives generated by freelancers and start-ups", explains Valérie Stival.

Convictions, experience and training

This new development in the young woman's career is grounded in her values and her background. "From the beginning, I have been driven by my ability to act and put myself in danger without hesitation to achieve my deepest and strongest convictions. I also owe a lot to my training. The NEOMA BS EMBA covers themes that are completely in line with current concerns and that is really helping me today. If I had to summarize this promotion, I would say that it is down to 1/3 conviction, 1/3 experience and 1/3 the EMBA. Finally, if I had to give just one piece of advice: always follow your inner voice! It is something you will never regret!"