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Press release

NEOMA’s virtual campus wins international “Best Innovation Strategy 2022” award from AMBA

Published on 04 February 2022 by NEOMA

NEOMA Business School’s virtual campus has won the “Best Innovation Strategy 2022” award from the British accrediting body AMBA (Association of Masters of Business Administration). This prestigious international award aims to recognise the most innovative initiatives deployed on the global academic scene in response to the constraints brought about by the health crisis.

A 3rd international award that recognises innovation and creativity in the face of the pandemic

With this award, NEOMA’s virtual campus, which will be launched in September 2020, has won its third international distinction. “This is a major recognition for our virtual campus, but more generally also for the dynamic of pedagogical innovation and the digital transformation in which our School has been engaged for several years”, emphasises Delphine Manceau, Director General of NEOMA Business School.

This year, the judges, leading figures from the global higher education community and innovative companies, focused on the measures that have enabled schools and universities to innovate and adapt to the pandemic in the best possible conditions. “NEOMA was the first business school in Europe to respond forcefully to the Covid-19 crisis by launching a virtual campus,” says Andrew Main Wilson, Chief Executive of the Association of MBAs and Business Graduates Association (AMBA & BGA). “The results are impressive, in terms of the positive impact on education and society as a whole.

A fourth 100% digital campus to offer campus life, even at a distance

The virtual campus is the fourth campus of NEOMA Business School. The first school in Europe to deploy this innovation, this virtual environment brings together the traditional spaces and uses of a physical campus. “The objective? To enable the interaction, atmosphere and life of a real campus to guarantee the richest and most complete academic and student experience possible, even at a distance”, emphasises Alain Goudey, Director of Digital Transformation at NEOMA Business School. This is an unprecedented innovation in the world of educational technology, and it creates a new learning environment, at the crossroads of the classroom and the distance learning environment.