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International travel for students in the Specialised Masters in International Financial Analysis programme at NEOMA BS: they arrived on May 8 in Manhattan, the centre of the financial world, where over one week they gained insight into the American perspective of finance.

The study tour in New York City was a key moment in the programme. Students took advantage of courses taught by the professors at Baruch College as well as the presentations from professionals in the field of finance (CEO, hedge fund managers, etc.), with a particular focus on risk management and alternative investments.

Throughout the entire week, I could see the students’ constant participation. Their intellectual growth and interaction in the courses and presentations demonstrated the strength of their personal investment to better incorporate and use the North American vision of global finance,” explained Catherine Karyotis, Director of the Specialised Master in International Financial Analysis at NEOMA BS.

Joseph Onochie, professor of finance at the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College and organiser of the study tour, added, “The speakers unanimously praised the commitment and motivation of the students, who did not hesitate to question the professionals to enhance their financial culture, both during the presentations and during outside activities (real estate event, social event, etc.)”.

Aside from the courses, the study tour was also a chance for the students to expand their network, particularly during social events organised by NEOMA Alumni, the association of the school’s graduates.

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