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CHIBANE Messaoud

  • briefcase Finance
  • quality PhD, Management, Finance
Areas of research
  • Asset Pricing; Derivatives Pricing; Numérical Techniques; Portfolio Allocation
  • Cryptocurrencies and Fintech
  • Portfolio management
  • Quantitative methods

Messaoud is an Assistant Professor of Finance at NEOMA Business School in France. Messaoud’s research focuses on asset pricing and the link between macro-economics and financial markets. Messaoud holds a master’s degree in Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris, a master’s degree in Applied Economics from La Sorbonne University and a PhD in Finance from EDHEC Business School. Complementing his academic background, Messaoud also boasts an 18 year industry experience in quantitative finance, while working on the trading floor of various global investment banks. Messaoud CHIBANE has published in various practioners’ journals such as Risk Magazine and the Wilmott Journal.