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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence brings together programmes capable of teaching from data analysis. The algorithms of AI are often used for aspects of optimisation by discovering links in large volumes of data, or within unstructured data. AI therefore enables client interaction to be managed, for example by responding to questions from clients or carrying out predictive maintenance.

What is AI doing in a Business School?

This is a technology which is having a colossal impact on jobs as ever-increasing amounts of data are generated every day, and we are becoming increasingly skilled at processing them. AI is changing the game in finance, marketing, human resources, logistics, management control, etc. It is therefore an important subject to teach in many of the disciplines of a Business School.

In addition, AI technologies are useful in teaching because they can be used in adaptive learning approaches to optimally adapt course content and the progress of the learning trajectory to the actual progress of the learner.

It is also a relevant technology in the interaction with students being based on chatbots, NLP (Natural Language Processing) or TTS (Text-To-Speech) technologies. AI technologies can also help the teacher answer the students’ questions, thereby providing continuous assistance that is targeted and adapted to the learner.

Artificial intelligence may also support students in aspects of recruitment and HR training with automated analysis of interviews, CVs, etc.


NEOMA includes in its courses modules related to artificial intelligence to explore its impacts and limitations. The School also makes use of teaching tools based on this technology to generate a customised learning experience for each of our students. Finally, there are many tests of these tools and innovations under way at the School to make optimal use of the added value of this technology in the service of our community.

Moreover, our experts are regularly consulted about the issues surrounding this technology and it is included in our areas of excellence.

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