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Virtual reality and immersive technology

Virtual reality is an immersive technology enabling a person to be plunged into a digitally-created artificial world. This may be a reproduction of the real world (using photos or 360° videos) or a totally imaginary world (in 3D, like in video games. In addition to VR, immersive technologies also include augmented reality, mixed reality and the technologies of persistent virtual worlds.

Application in education

Immersive technologies help attain the objectives of:

  • Promoting the development of professional skills: agility, creativity, analysis and recommendation, thanks to teaching by experience
  • Developing the intellectual agility of the students in a world in constant flux by introducing them to a variety of work settings in the classroom
  • Giving students practical experience of the emerging technologies that will make up their future environment
  • Encouraging student engagement and improving professional training by making it more fun


NEOMA is a front runner in the use of immersive technologies in Higher Education in management. In 2016 the School created the first immersive management case study in the world (in marketing). There was then a second in 2018 in logistics, and a third is to come in HR and spatial design. This represents thousands of students at NEOMA or with our partners who have used this technology and learned with it. This strongly motivating sensory experience reinforces traditional ways of learning. It promotes the involvement of the students who become players in their own training.

In 2020, NEOMA also strengthened its view of the interest of immersive technologies to the life of a business School by opening a new, virtual and persistent campus to host, in the form of avatars, all our students, staff and professors with no particular constraints (geographical, health, etc.). We are therefore reinventing campus life by propelling it into a persistent virtual world, open 24/7. It’s a first for Europe and second in the world.

For more information about the NEOMA virtual campus 

Click below to see some of the highlights of NEOMA’s involvement with this technology:

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