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Robotics & automation

Robotics has recently seen spectacular progress and its business applications are beginning to emerge through RPA (Robotic Process Automation). RPA is the automation of professional processes in companies by robotisation. Such automation is no longer reserved just for factories but is potentially relevant to any form of managerial organisation, especially as the products then become ‘smart’.

What are robotics and automation doing in Higher Education for management?

The technologies of robotics and automation are increasingly seen in business. In the heavily regulated field of finance, RPA provides certainty concerning the compliance of documents and procedures in line with regulatory constraints. In HR and marketing, robotic software can take charge of recurrent demands which are simple but time-consuming. The benefits are seen in increased motivation, refocussing on complex demands, and therefore better service and greater satisfaction. These approaches require the organisation of the company’s activities to be modified and sometimes pose real moral or ethical questions. That is why it is worth teaching them in Business School.

These technologies also deeply alter the relationship of the individual with ‘automated’ objects, pose ethical questions of algorithmic bias, and require research in the areas of management sciences and human sciences to be done into these technologies.

Finally, robotic and automated technologies can be used when hosting the public on the campuses or for optimising the functioning of the rooms.


NEOMA includes in its courses elements of automation and robotisation in order to make the decision-makers of the future aware of related issues but also of the limitations of these technologies.

For many years now, we have used robotics technology to enable students at risk to access our campuses by telepresence. This approach is sometimes also used by international contributors who are unable to come to our campuses in person. Our experts also regularly share their experiences with these technologies and they are also one of our areas of excellence.

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