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IoT, Big data & data analytics

Our new ways of life have led to an explosion in the amount of digital data we generate. The IoT (Internet of Things) and big data have therefore been created to capture, store and share them. Data Analytics make it possible to analyse and use them.

The IoT, big data & data analytics in the Business School

The big data phenomenon represents an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to rethink their innovation, communications, distribution and services with a view to a better customer experience. Therefore businesses are more than ever in need of colleagues with technical skills around the IoT and analytical and predictive skills, to enable them to better identify problems and take the best decisions from an ROI point of view. This is yet another set of technologies with a high transformative impact which needs to be taught to the managers of tomorrow.

This technology is, moreover, useful in a School because it makes it possible to optimise the way the School functions and the added value offered to students. The IoT may therefore be used to drive the campus and the activities that take place there through the dynamic, flexible and automated management of work spaces, an interactive map to help you find your way around the campus or an indication of the usage levels of certain spaces. These technologies are useful in creating the campuses of today and tomorrow.

Finally, big data & data analytics are also very relevant in analysing student performance during the course of their learning or for supporting students in their career choices by analysing their trajectories and choices against the graduate network and recreating it all with adapted data visualisation.


NEOMA includes in its courses modules related to the IoT, big data and data analysis to explore their impacts and limitations and train the managers of the future in these technologies.

In addition, the School makes use of these technologies on its campuses to offer the whole of its community an optimal on-site experience when using work spaces or simply for finding your way around and moving around the campuses in an efficient manner. Our experts regularly share their experiences with these technologies and this is also one of our areas of excellence.

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