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Blockchain is a register made up of a decentralised and totally secure technology for storing and sending information. There is no supervisory body. From a technical point of view, it is a distributed database where the circulating data are regularly checked and grouped (into blocks). Security is provided by cryptographic mechanisms. By initiating this process as soon as the distributed system is started, its reliability, security and robustness are guaranteed

What is Blockchain doing in education?

The best known application to date of Blockchain technology is Bitcoin: cryptocurrency, a system of peer-to-peer payment. Yet there are lots of cryptocurrencies based on the same technology: Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Ada/Cardano, etc. However, many uses are also expected in the areas of logistics/supply chain to register and store data in real time and guarantee total traceability. This technology may find an application in the responsible economy to guarantee the provenance of products, or measure environmental impacts. This was the thinking behind the OpenSC project of the WWF launched at the world economic forum in Davos. In view of the impacts and implications of this technology, it is particularly useful and relevant to train the managers of today and tomorrow in its use.

The Blockchain approach also raises a certain number of questions which may be of interest to management research.

Finally, Blockchain may also be used by educational establishments that award degrees or diplomas, to guarantee the authenticity of certificates posted on social networks, for example. This technology may also be successfully used to digitally record skills.


NEOMA includes in its courses modules related to Blockchain to allow students to master this technology and fully understand the issues in various sectors such as logistics and finance.

Blockchain is an area of research some of our professors have specialised in because there are so many matters relating to this technology and it has so many fields of application.

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